NTS Past Papers MCQ's
1The shortest period of time is a ___________millisecondnanosecondpicosecondmicrosecondC
2An organic chip is called a ___________storage chipbiochipmicrochipcilicon chipB
3One megabyte is equivalent to _________2^10 bytes2^20 bytes2^30 bytesnon of theseB
4A person who gains illegal access to a computer system ________hackerwormsoftwarezapperA
5When the control unit directs the ALU to perform an operation on the data, the machine cycle is involved in its _________first stepthird stepsecond stepfourth stepB
6A type of computer that is faster because it has fewer instructionssymbolicRISCASCII-8ROM burnerB
7The meerging technology that provides nonvolatile memory chips is ________flash memoryPFOMCMOSCISCA
8Tool to change PROM chips are calledchip kitsRAM burnersPROM burnernone of theseD
9Assuming 8 bit for data, 1 bit for parity, 1 start bit and 2 stop bits, the number of characters that 1200 BPS communication line can transmit is10 CPS120 CPS12 CPSnone of theseC
10The widely used code in data communication isa bit ASCII7 bit ASCIIEBCDICnone of theseB
11If a processor does not hav direct and unassisted access to data items, these items are said to beofflinetime sharedon linenone of theseA
12Rearranging data in a new sequence is known asupdatingbatchingsortingsummarisingC
13Which of the following is not a component of telecommunications ?senderoffice devicemediumreceiverB
14In Time division multiplexingtime is double between bits of a bytetime slicing at CPU level takes placetotal time available in the channel is divided between several users and each user is allotted a time slicenone of aboveD
15Point of scale terminal toterminal associated with MICRsmart terminalTerminal associated with OCRnone of aboveC
16A bootstrap isthe flat cable that connects the CPU ot the printerthe flat cable from the disk controller card to the disk 8 driveadditional memory devicea small initialization program to start up the computerD
17Data verfication is a process ofrechecking the data entered by one person through re-entry by another personentering data on two different media and comparing themchecking whether the instructions in a program are in proper orderchecking the computer results with manual outputsA
18An A/D converter does the conversion fromdigital to analoganalog to digitalvoltage to amperedirect to alternate currentB
19Program maintenance meansmaintaining a program exactly the way it was initially developedchanging a program due to changes in the organizationadopting an altogether new programremoving the erors from a programB
20A conceptual error in a program is a/anlogical errorexecution errorsyntactical errornone of the aboveA
21Implementation of a program involvescompilation of the programdebugging the programtesting the program with dataall of aboveD
22Temporary storage areas within the CPU are calledROMsregistersaccumulatorsaddressB
23Distribution data entry means tha data can beEntered at different location where it originatesSent to different locations from a central placeAccess from different places known as distribution pointsDistributed through a networkA
24Excess-3 code is known asWeighted codeCyclic redundancy codeSelf complementingAigebraic codeC
25A parallel interfacetransmit one bit at a timetransmit on more bits at a time using a single wiretransmit 8 or more bits at a time using a single wirecannot be used to connect a printer to a PCC