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MTH603 - Numerical Analysis
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Course Category: Mathematics
Course Level: Undergraduate
Credit Hours: 3
Pre-requisites: MTH202

Course Synopsis

Emphasis will be laid, in this course, on learning the Numerical methods to solve the Linear, Non-linear Equations, Interpolation and Different Numerical Methods to solve the problems of Integration, Differentiation and Differential Equations that cannot be solved exactly by the Integration and Differentiation Techniques. So, the use of Numerical Techniques for these sorts of problems will be very handy.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:
  • Describe difficulties that can arise because computers usually use finite precision
  • Grasp the numerical techniques and should be able to use a variety of methods in solving real-life, practical, technical, and theoretical problems which cannot be solved by other methods
  • Apply the Bisection, Regula Falsi, Newton and Iteration methods to solve a non-linear equation
  • Apply the different method to solve linear Equations
  • Construct Lagrange and Newton forward difference interpolation polynomials for a given set of data
  • Apply Trapezoidal and Simpson’s rules to find the approximate value of an integral
  • Describe the basic concepts behind the R-K method and apply specific R-K methods in given problems

Course Contents

Number systems, Errors in computation, Methods of solving non-linear equations, Solution of linear system of equations and matrix inversion, Eigen value problems, power method, Jacobi’s method, Different techniques of interpolation, Numerical differentiation and integration, Numerical integration formulas, different methods of solving ordinary differential equations.

Course Related Links

This site covers the Non linear equation, linear equations and numerical integration etc.
Course Instructor

Dr. Junaid Zaidi, Ph.d
University of Birmingham,
England (UK)

Dr. Ataullah Kalim
Ph. D (Fluid Mechanics)
University of Essex,
Colchester, UK

Numerical Analysis by Richard L.Burden & J.Douglas Faires

Numerical analysis with C++ by Dr.Saeed Akhtar Bhatti

Numerical methods for mathematic ,science and Engineers by John H. Mathews

Numerical Methods by Dr V N Vedamurthy