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MTH601 - Operations Research
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Course Category: Mathematics
Course Level: Undergraduate
Credit Hours: 3
Pre-requisites: STA301

Course Synopsis

This course presents the principles and techniques for solving Decision-making problems in the industry using Mathematical Models. It is the science of planning and executing operations to make the most economical use of resources available, also known as Management Science. The operation can be as simple as making a cup a tea as complicated as planning the movement of a fleet of tankers around the world. The techniques include Decision Analysis, Linear Programming, Transportation model, Assignment Model, Network Model, and Forecasting. The course emphasizes the process of model development and solution analysis.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students should be able:
  • To formulate a decision-making problem and apply the method of depicting a series of decisions and outcomes by decision trees
  • To formulate the problems into mathematical model and apply the quantitative methods (graphical method and simplex method) for maximization and minimization problems
  • To formulate the transportation and assignment problems and apply the transportation simplex and Hungarian methods
  • To define the concept of network analysis, develop the network diagram and perform network analysis
  • To identify different types of forecast, to measure forecast accuracy and apply time-series forecasting models

Course Contents

An Overview and Back Ground, OR Process, OR techniques and Applications, Networks, Inventory Control Models, Linear Programming, Duality Analysis, Transportation Problems, Assignments Problems, Queuing Theory, Replacement Models, Dynamic Programming, Miscellaneous (Introduction of some new programs).

Course Related Links

This ebook Operations Research Simplified introduces various Operations Research Techniques and its applications in a simple way. Book has deliberately kept the mathematical level of this e-book low in order to make it more useful and appropriate for its readers. The text provides a large number of illustrative examples and practice problems
Course Instructor

Dr. Junaid Zaidi, Ph.d
University of Birmingham,
England (UK)


Operations Research: An Introduction by Hamdy A. Taha

Introduction To Operations Research by Frederick S. Hillier and Gerald J. Lieberman

Operations Research (Schaum's Outlines) by Richard branson and Govindasami naadimuthu

Operations Research:An Introduction by Dr.Saeed Akhtar Bhatti and Mr. Naeem Akhtar Bhatti