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MTH001 - Elementary Mathematics
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Course Category: Mathematics
Course Level:  
Credit Hours: 2
Pre-requisites: N/A

Course Synopsis

The following topics are the focus of this course Laws of Logic, Sets, Relations and Functions, Sequences, Series, Matrices, Introduction to Statistics, Data Representation, The Central Tendency of a data-set, Measures of Dispersion, Probability Theory

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to :
  • Write the converse, contra positive and negation of a statement
  • Determine whether a relation is reflexive, symmetric or transitive
  • Define sets and operations on sets
  • Write relations and their properties
  • Define functions
  • Apply techniques learned in algebra combined with basic concepts of statistics including collecting data, displaying data
  • Find the mean, median, mode and mid-range of a set of data and compute variance and standard deviation
  • Find measures of variation
  • Calculate elementary probabilities
  • Apply the rules of probability in context and compute expected values

Course Contents

Logic , Truth Table , Logic Equivalence, Laws of the Algebra of Propositions, Translating Word Statements to Symbolic Notation & Vice Versa, Bi-Conditional Statements and their Equivalence, Arguments, Valid and In Valid arguments, Sets, Venn Diagram and Membership Table , Operations on sets, Venn Diagrams for operations on sets , Ordered Pairs, Relations and Matrix Representation of a matrix, Types of relations and Directed graph, Irreflexive and antisymmetric relations and partially ordered relations, Functions, Domain Codomain and Range, Types of function, Sequence, Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence, Series ,Sum of Arithmetic and Geometric Series, Performing basic arithmetic operations using Microsoft Excel, Basic calculations of percentages and investments using Microsoft Excel , Discount, Simple and compound interest, Average due date, Annuity, Accumulated value, Accumulation Factor, Discount Factor, Discounted value, Matrix, its Dimension and Types of matrix, Operations on Matrices, Merchandising, Introduction to Statistics, Data Representation, The Central Tendency of a data-set, Median, Empirical Relation, Quartiles, Geometric mean, Harmonic mean & relationship between them, Measures of Dispersion, Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation and Variance & Coefficient of variation, Permutations, Combinations, Definitions of Probability, Relative Frequency, Axiomatic Definition & Laws of Probability, Independent and Dependent Events, Multiplication Theorem & Marginal Probability.

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Course Instructor

Dr. Shoaib-ud- Din

Dr. Zahir Fikri Ph.D, Electric Power Engineering Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

Dr. Saleha Naghmi
Ph.D. Applied Statistics

Discrete Mathematics with Application by Susanna S

Discrete Mathematics and Its Application by Kenneth H. Rosen

Business Mathematics and Statistics by A. Francis