Corporate Computer and Network Security by Raymond Panko

Book Title Corporate Computer and Network Security
Author Raymond Panko
Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN-13 978-0131854758
Publisher Prentice Hall
URL Amazon Google
Course CS707 - Network Security
Instructor Nahil Mahmood

A strong managerial focus along with a solid technical presentation of security tools.

Guided by discussions with IT security professionals, Corporate Computer and Network Security covers the specific material that all IT majors and future IT security specialists need to learn from an introductory network security course.

This text has been entirely rewritten in its second edition to reflect the latest trends and cutting-edge technology that students will work with in their future careers.

With heightened awareness of security in society and businesses, this book is a timely resource for the IS Manager. It stresses implementing security within corporations by using commercial off the shelf software, rather than the development of security software. Chapter topics cover issues in corporate IT security, physical access and social engineering attacks, packet attacks, firewalls, application security, hardening host and router operating systems, cryptography, virtual private networks (VPNs), incident response and business continuity, security management, and the broader picture. For IS managers.

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