Inroads to Software Quality by Alka Jarvis and Vern Crandell 

Book Title Inroads to Software Quality
Citation Jarvis and Crandell (1997)
Author Alka Jarvis and Vern Crandell
Edition 1st Edition
ISBN 978-0132384032
Publisher Prentice-Hall
URL Amazon Google
Course CS706 - Software Quality Assurance
Instructor Dr. Ghulam Ahmad Farrukh

Helps software organizations build in quality cost-effectively, starting before products are developed. This book is a highly-readable, non-theoretical guide to software quality improvement. It includes 18 "filters" that software development managers can use to instill quality throughout the development process. Presents techniques that can lead to a dramatic reduction in expensive, time-consuming functional testing. Covers all the leading process improvement tools. Managers responsible for quality processes, directors of R&D, development engineers, software testers and QA managers, process improvement engineers, business and engineering faculty, corporate trainers and ISO 9000 implementors.

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