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1We can get optimal solution given some parameters using Genetic AlgorithmTrueFalseNANAA
2___________ reasoning is based on forming, or inducing a ‘generalization’ from a limited set of observationsDeductiveAbductiveAnalogicalInductiveD
3______ is the process of deriving logical conclusions from given factsRepresentationExecutionReasoningPlanningC
4Identify the correct step used to start designe of an expert systemFeasiblity studyProblem recognizationScope studyRapid prototypingA
6If the antecedent is only partially true, then the output fuzzy set is truncated according to the _________ methodIntrinsicImplicationBooleanNone of the givenB
7Choose the fields in which Fuzzy inference systems have been successfully appliedautomatic controldata classificationdecision analysisAll of the givenD
8Usually a _________ graph is chosen to represent a fuzzy setTriangularCircularConicalNone of the givenA
9Fuzzy logic is actually a superset of conventional boolean logicTrueFalseNANAA
11A classical set is a container, which wholly includes or wholly excludes any given elementTrueFalseNANAA
12The degree of truth that we have been talking about is specifically driven out by a function called the ___________ functionMembershipOrdinaryFuzzyInlineA
13The tractable problems are further divided into structured and ________ problemsNon-structuredComplexSimpleNone of the givenB
14If the antecedent is only partially true, then the output fuzzy set is truncated according to the _________ methodIntrinsicImplicationBoth a and bNone of the givenB
15MSE stands for ___________Mean Square ErrorMean Standard ErrorMean Square EntryNone of the givenA
16Any statement can be ?fuzzy    
17IF name is "Bob" AND weather is cold THEN tell Bob "Wear a coat" The above rule is an example of _________Recommendation RuleDirective RuleRelation RuleNone of the given optionsB
18Which of the following is a valid example which represents a suitable antecedent in a rule?IF x > 3IF name is “Bob”IF weather is coldAll of the given optionsD
19Expert system technique where a hypothesis is given at the beginning and the inference engine proceeds to ask the user questions about selected facts until the hypothesis is either confirmed or deniedNetwork KnowledgeData miningBackward chainingForward chainingC
20IF A THEN B This can be considered to have a similar logical meaning as the followingA -> BA <-> BA <- BNone of the givenA
21In general, the antecedent of a rule compares an object with a possible value, using an operatorTrueFalseNANAA
22A rule may have more than one _________, which usually suggests that there are multiple actions to be takenAntecedentConsequentNANAB
23Identify the correct statement to list facts numbers 1 through 10clips> (facts 1 10)clips> (facts 1 to 10)clips> (facts 10)clips> (facts 1)A
24A rule, which takes a set of inputs and gives advice as a result, is calledRecommendation RuleDirective RuleRelation RuleNone of the given optionsB
25In the statement “IF A THEN B”, B is calledAntecedentConsequentNANAB
26_________ usually takes the form of an action or a conclusionAntecedentConsequentNANAB
27Rule, which may have a priority in expert systems, is calledMeta ruleConflict resolution ruleForward chain ruleNone of the given optionsC