CS-607 Artificial Intelligence
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Course Category: Computer Science/Information Technology
Course Level: Imdregraduate
Credit Hours: 3
Pre-requisites: CS201, CS502
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Problem Solving, Genetic Algorithms, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Expert Systems, Uncertainity (Introduction, Classical sets, Fuzzy sets, Fuzzy logic, Fuzzy inference system), Introduction to Learning (Symbol-based, Connectionist, Artificial Neural Networks supervised and unsupervised), Planning, Advanced Topics (Computer vision, Robotics, Soft-computing Clustering), Conclusion.
Course Instructor

Dr. Zafar Alvi PHD (EE)
University of Bradford

Artificial Intelligence
by Patrick Henry Winston

Artificial Intelligence:
Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving by George F Luger

Artificial Intelligence
by Elaine Rich, Kevin Knight