Operating Systems

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1_________ command to resume the execution of a suspended job in the foregroundfgbgjobskillA
2__________ commands in Linux is used to copy fileiscpmvmkdirB
3The process id returned to the child process after successful fork system call execution is _____________0123A
4In ________addressing, the recipient is not required to name the senderSymmetricAsymmetricBoth symmetric and asymmetricNone of the given optionsB
5A solution to the critical section problem must satisfy the following requirementsProgressMutual exclusionBounded WaitingAll of theseD
6Typically the execlp system call is used after a fork system callTrueFalseNANAA
7You can create a threads by using the pthread_create() callTrueFalseNANAA
8The interval from the time of submission to the time of completion is the ______Turnaround timeWaiting timeResponse timeNone of all theseA
9Each process must first request permission to enter its critical section. The section of code implementing this request is called the _____________entry sectionCritical Sectionremainder sectionNone of all theseA
10IPC provides a mechanism to allow processes to communicate and to synchronize their actions without sharing the same__________Address spaceAddress NameAddress IDNone of all theseA
11Linux is a version of _______ operating systemOS/2WindowsUnixNone of the aboveC
12Current working directory can be accessed using --------- Command. (dot)# ( hash )/ (slash)~ (tilt)D
13Mkfifo() is a _______Library CallCommandDirectoryNone of AboveA
14____ command gives a snapshot of the current processespstopwholsA
15Time interval when the I/O Devices are accessed is known as_________CPU BurstIO BurstTime SliceNone of AboveB
16The process of switching from one process to another is called___________Context switchingschedulingquantum periodlatencyA
17__________ directory includes essential system boot files including the kernel image/bin/boot/dev/etcB
18________ scheduling algorithm is sometimes called shortest remaining time first scheduling algorithmNon-preemptive SJFPriority SchedulingPreemptive Shortest Job FirstFCFSC
19A semaphore that cause Busy-Waiting is termed as ___________SpinlockMonitorCritical regionCritical sectionA
20Progress and Bounded Waiting are some of the characteristics to solve the critical section problemsTrueFalseNANAA
21In___________addressing; the recipient is not required to name the senderSymmetricAsymmetricBoth symmetric and asymmetricNone of the given optionsB
22The execution of critical sections must NOT be mutually exclusiveTrueFalseNANAB
23A program in execution is called a ________CommandProcessSoftwareCompilerB
24The critical section problem can be solved by the following exceptSoftware based solutionFirmware based solutionOperating system based solutionHardware based solutionB
25The bottom layer in the layered approach of Operating System is___________User interfaceHardwareKernelNone of the given optionsB