Software Engineering I

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1By following modern system engineering practices simulation of reactive systems is no longer necessaryTrueFalseNANAB
2The state transition diagramdepicts relationships between data objectsdepicts functions that transform the data flowindicates how data are transformed by the systemindicates system reactions to external eventsD
3Control flow diagrams areneeded to model event driven systemsrequired for all systemsused in place of data flow diagramsuseful for modeling user interfacesA
4A change becomes ------------- because of close presence of data and functionsLocalizedPrivateGlobalAccessibleA
5A complex System evolves from asmaller systemmedium sysetembigger systemnon of the givenA
6Coupling is a measure of ----------------of a module or componentIndependentDependentClosenessAll of the givenA
7Software Maintenance phase involvesDebuggingAdding new featuresmaking changesall of the givenA
8The hardest single part of building a software system is deciding precisely ----------- to buildwhatHowWhenWhyA
9Interaction Diagrams depict the ------------- Behavior of the systemStaticDynamicActiveNon of the aboveB
10In Sequence Diagrams the time required by the receiver object to process the message is denoted by an--------Activation BoxSimple BoxArrowNon of the aboveA
11A poorly designed interface can cause a user to make catastrophic errors is one of the motivations for GUITrueFalseNANAA
12Identifying System Features include ------log important informationconduct businessanalyze business resultsall of the aboveD
13Establishing responsibilities for objects includesGeneralization RelationshipsSpecialization Relationshipsidentifying Association relationshipsall of the aboveD
14Which of the following is a fact finding method?Site visitsPrototypingStudy of similar systemsAll of givenB
15Windows mobile is a popular mobile operating system which seen commonly on PDAs. Which of the following category pair(s) best describe(s) it?Application software, embedded softwaresystem software, web-based softwareapplication software, scientific softwaresystem software, embedded softwareA
16The Object Oriented approachimproves the reusability of codesmakes objects less independentincreases testing timecomplicates mapping of a system model to an implementation modelA
17Most software continues to be custom built becauseSoftware is easier to build without using someone else's componentsOff the shelf software components are not commonly availableComponent reuse is common in the software worldReusable components are too expensive to useB
18Which of the items listed below is not one of the software engineering layers?ToolsProcessManufacturingMethodsC
19Which of these people would not be likely to part of the FAST team?hardware and software engineersmanufacturing representativemarketing representativessenior financial officersD
20An state transition can only occur when triggered by a(n)_________actorcollaboration attempteventnone of the givenC
21A change becomes ------------- because of close presence of data and functionsLocalizedPrivateGlobalAccessibleA
22If a problem is identified and fixed at a -------stage in the software development process, it will cost much more than if it was fixed at and --------stageeralier & latorafter & beforelater and earliernone of the aboveC
23Once these requirements have been finalized, the ---------------- process startsConstructionDevelopmentMaintenance phaseConstruction and DevelopmentA
24Identifying Whole-Part structures (Aggregations) means what are my ----------------ComponentsStructuresObjecsClassesA
25Data design actually begins during the creation of the analysis model, not the architectural modelTrueFalseNANAA