Human Computer Interaction

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1Persona is not context specific, so it can be reused easilyTrueFalseNANAA
2In an email application configuring a new email server is a key path activityTrueFalseNANAA
3_________ are perhaps the least-documented patterns, but they are nonetheless in widespread usePosturalStructuralBehavioralMnemonicB
4The way people carry out an activity in the real world is same as how it may be observed in the laboratoryTrueFalseNANAA
5Engineering a user interface involves a quantitative engineering style of working in which measurements are used to judge the quality of interface. Hence ________is appropriateUsability testingField studyPredictive evaluationDECIDE frameworkA
6Exploring how children talk together in order to see if an innovative new groupware product would help them to be more engaged would probably be better informed by a _________lity testingField studyPredictive evaluationDECIDE frameworkB
7Beneath the surface is the ________ of the site: the placement of buttons, tabs, photos, and blocks of textSurfaceStructureSkeletonScopeC
8Roughly __________ percent of the male population has some degree of color blindness10203040A
9__________ are individual and isolated regions within display that can be selected by the user to invoke specific operationsButtonsPointersMenusWindowsA
10The __________ function came into being as the result of the implementation model for undoRedoUndoRepeatDeleteA
11If the user wants to _________ place the document somewhere in the file system hierarchy, he can request this function from the menuExplicitlyImplicitlyHabituallyProperlyA
12Design of user interfaces does not entirely ___________ aesthetic concerns, but rather it places such' concerns within the constraints of a __________ frameworkInclude, FunctionalExclude, FunctionalInclude, Non-FunctionalExclude, Non-FunctionalC
13When developing ____________, plan to keep them short, straightforward and avoid asking too manyVideosDocumentationInterview questionsContextual enquiryC
14Conventional wisdom says that ________ tell the user when he has made some mistakeProgram crashSystem stuckError messagesMetadataC
15People frequently counter the idea of ________feedback with arguments that users don't like itAudibleVideoWalkthroughsQuestionsA
16_________environments are environments that are user and context awareNon-attentiveVisualSensingAttentiveD
17User personas that are not primary or secondary are _________ personasSupplementalServedNegativeCustomerA
18Which of the following is the comparison of what happened in the world with what we wanted to happen?ActionEvaluationExecutionNone of theseD
19The size and shape of a compact disk, is a type of __________ constraintPhysicalLogicalCulturalNone of theseB
20________ Research can tell you about what, how, many and why in rich, multivariate detailQuantitativeQualitativeSMENone of theseB
21________is the least technical way of collecting data, but it can be difficult and tiring to write and observe at the same timeAudio recordingTaking notesObservationVideoB
22Panes, frames and other containers on screen is a kind of _________Functional and data elementsViewInput methodNone of the givenA
23_________ is particularly useful early in design. It is excellent technique to use with the prototype, because it provides a wealth of diagnostic informationCo-discoveryActive interventionSplendid researchNone of the givenB
24Information sites with daily-updated information will naturally attract __________ users more than a monthly-updated siteRepeatInfrequentNonuserNone of the givenA
25Evaluations done during design to check that product continues to meet users’ needs are known as __________ evaluationFormativeSummativeRelativeNone of the givenA