Assembly Language Programming

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1The physical address of the stack is obtained bySS:SI combinationSS:SP combinationES:BP combinationES:SP combinationB
2Foreground and background parameter will be32bits16bits8bits4bitsC
3The clear screen operation initialize whole block of memory0741041707140174D
4In STOSB instruction, when DF is Set, SI isIncremented by 1Incremented by 2Decremented by 1Decremented by 2C
5Assembly language is:Low-level programming languageHigh-level programming languageAlso known as machine languageNot considered closer to the computerA
6A 32 Bit processor has accumulator of ___________8 bit16 bit32 bit64 bitC
7To transfer control back the RET instruction takeRegisterStackData segmentCode segmentB
8To convert any digit to its ASCII representationAdd 0x30 in the digitSubtract 0x30 from the digitAdd 0x61 in the digitSubtract 0x61 from the digitA
9The prevalent convention in most high level languages is stack clearing by theCallerCalleeRETStackB
10After execution of JCXZ instruction CX will changed with flag affect.CFOFDFNone of AboveD
11Execution of the instruction “mov word [ES : 0], 0x0741” will print“A” appear on the top left of screen“A” appear on the top right of screen“A” appear on the center of screen“A” appear on the bottom left of screenA
12if contains decimal -2 and BX contains decimal 2 then after the execution of instructions: CMP AX, BX JA labelJump will be takenZero flag will setZF will contain value -4Jump will not be takenA
13Which of the following options contain the set of instructions to open a window to the video memory?mov AX, 0xb008 mov ES, AXmov AX, 0xb800 mov ES, AXmov AX, 0x8b00 mov ES, AXmov AX, 0x800b mov ES, AXB
14After the execution of SAR instructionThe msb is replaced by a 0The msb is replaced by 1The msb retains its original valueThe msb is replaced by the value of CFD
15RETF will pop the offset in theBPIPSPSIB
16The routine that executes in response to an INT instruction is calledISRIRSISPIRTA
17The first instruction of “COM” file must be at offset:0x00100x01000x10000x0000B
18“Far” jump is not position relative but is _________Memory dependentAbsoluteTemporaryIndirectB
19After the execution of instruction “RET 2”SP is incremented by 2SP is decremented by 2SP is incremented by 4SP is decremented by 4C
20DIV instruction hasTwo formsThree formsFour formsFive formsA
21When the operand of DIV instruction is of 16 bits then implied dividend will be of8 bits16 bits32 bits64 bitsA
22After the execution of MOVS instruction which of the following registers are updatedSI onlyDI onlySI and DI onlySI, DI and BP onlyC
23In 8088 architecture, whenever an element is pushed on the stackSP is decremented by 1SP is decremented by 2SP is decremented by 3SP is decremented by 4B
24When a very large number is divided by very small number so that the quotient is larger than the space provided, this is calledDivide logical errorDivide overflow errorDivide syntax errorAn illegal instructionB
25In the word designated for one screen location, the higher address containsThe character codeThe attribute byteThe parametersThe dimensionsB