CS302 - Digital Logic Design
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Course Category: Computer Science/Information Technology
Course Level: Imdregraduate
Credit Hours: 3
Pre-requisites: N/A
An overview and number systems, Number systems and codes, Logic gates, Digital circuits and operational characteristics, Boolean algebra and logic simplification, Karnaugh map and Boolean expression simplification, Comparator, Odd-Prime Number detector, Implementation of an odd-parity generator circuit, BCD adder, 16-bit ALU, the 74xx138 3-to-8 decoder, 2-input 4-bit multiplexer, Demultiplexer, Implementing constant 0s and 1s, the gal16v8, Abel input file of a quad 1-of-4 MUX, Application of S-R Latch, Flip-Flops, The 555 Timer, Up-Down counter, Digital Clock, Shift Registers, Memory, Analog to Digital Converters
Course Instructor

Dr. Waseem Ikram
PhD Electrical Engineering
University of Manchester
Digital Fundamentals
by Thomas L. Floyd
Digital Electronics Principles, Devices and Applications
by Anil K. Maini