CS101 - Introduction to Computing
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Q1. In comparison with old modes of presentation, the current multimedia mode of presentation has some advantages over them. Describe any five advantages of using the multimedia mode of presentation.
Last minute changes can be done easily.  Having sound, animation and videos Easy to store and recall, by storing the main points or idea. Everything is electronically transmitted. Undo option which promotes experimentation and innovation. More attractive and understandable than older modes of presentation.  
Q2. Suppose a developer has to write pseudo code for a software project. Suggest any five tips to write it in better way.
Following are five tips to write Pseudo Code for a software project in better way: Declare the array that will be used for storing the words. Prompt the user and read the user input into the elements of the array. Now write the array to the document. Sort the array. Write the sorted array to the document.  
Q3. As a database administrator, name any three techniques you can use to restrict the unauthorized access to your database.
This problem can be managed by using appropriate security mechanisms that provide access to authorized persons/computers only Security can also be improved through: Encryption, Private or virtual-private networks, Firewalls, Intrusion detectors, Virus detectors.
Q4. Rite any six string HTML wrapper methods.
DoubleValue, floatValue, longValue, parseXxx, getXxx, toString, toHexString  
Q5. Differentiate onFocus and onBlur.
 onFocus executes the specified JavaScript code when a window receives focus or when a form element receives input focus. onBlur executes the specified JavaScript code when a window loses focus or a form element loses focus.
Q6. Just name the errors which can occur on:
Executing the statement: X= y-/z                     
Accessing a non-existing variable.                  
Syntax Error
Run Time Error
Q7. Every organization is based on some type of organizational structure. Briefly describe which has more preference over others.
Preferred Organizational Structure for organization is hierarchal. Where there are different departments interlinked with each other and are been divided according to the functions they perform
Q8. There are many useful Neural Network Paradigms. Define the most popular Neural Network Paradigm.
Many useful NN paradigms, but scope of today's discussion limited to the feed-forward network, the most popular paradigm. Feed-forward Network is a layered structure consisting of a number of homogeneous and simple (but nonlinear) processing elements
Q9. Distinguish the terms World Wide Web and internet.
A huge resource of info, logically unified, but physically distributed. It is unlike any previous human invention. It is a world-wide resource, important to all and shared by all of the people in the world. Internet is where I am having exam now it provides access to the rest of digital world e.g. www
Q10. Why we use JavaScript?
A small program that are a part of the Web page and run on the user’s (client’s) computer. We use JavaScript to do client-side scripting. JavaScript can be used (along with HTML) to develop interactive content for the Web. It is designed to be used for developing small programs – called scripts that can be embedded in HTML Web pages
Q11. Write names of phases of DoS attack.
Search, Arm, Attack
Q12. Errors occur in developing program? Write names
Syntax errors, Semantic errors, Run-time errors
Q13. In which situation we use inline event handling?
Where the event needs to be captured and handled with a JavaScript one-liner that is embedded in the HTML tag
Q14. What are the properties, method and event handling of image java script?
Images in JavaScript can be manipulated in many ways using the built-in object Image Properties: name, border, complete, height, width, hspace, vspace, lowsrc, src Methods: None Event handlers: onAbort, onError, onLoad, etc.
Q15. Write names of 5 key characteristics of internet?
Geographic Distribution Global - reaches around the world, The Digital Advantage Is digital: can correct errors, Universal Access:  Same functionality to everyone Robust Architecture Adapts to damage and error, Growth Rate: The fastest growing technology ever Speed Data can travels at near ‘c’ on copper, fiber, airwaves, Freedom of Speech: Promotes freedom of speech
Course Instructor

Dr. Altaf H. Khan
Ph.D. in Engineering
University of Warwick, England


Learn JavaScript in a Weekend by Jerry Lee Ford
Understanding Computers: Today and Tomorrow by Charles S. Parker