Introduction to Computing
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1An algorithm that always takes the best immediate or local solution while finding an answer is called ________Deterministic AlgorithmNon deterministic AlgorithmGreedy AlgorithmRandomized AlgorithmC
2Which of the following command allows you to recover form mistakes in MS Word?ClearEditUndoBreakC
3________ operating system allows many users to take advantage of the computer's resources, simultaneouslySingle userMulti- userSingle taskingMulti taskingB
4Network Interface Card is an ________ deviceInputOutputInput/OutputStorageC
5The decimal equivalent of binary 1000 is ________78910B
6Which of the following is NOT RDBMS software?My SqlMS ExcelOracleSQL ServerB
7A computer virus is a ________Software that saves the computer from being damaged.Application software that helps to make different type of viruses and wormsProgram that spreads itself and destroys other programProgram that corrects the problems in your computerC
8What will be the result of a? a = Math.abs(-23)23-2323.02.3A
9A Special program required to view swf (Shockwave Flash) files in web Browser is called ________TFlashVflashplug-inNone of the given optionsC
10Using Java Script you can write a character at random location on screenBy applying randomCh() methodWith the help of String objectWith the help of random character propertyThere is no built in approach in Java ScriptD
11If incorrectly we enter the negative age it is check byLimit IntegrityType IntegrityReferential IntegrityPhysical IntegrityA
12Which protocol is use to transfer a file over the network?UDPFTPTCPOSIB
13One can send an email message to a remote computer using ________ protocolHTTPSMTPFTPTELNETD
14In a System having many parts to be designed, one should always do the _____ firstHard partSimple partDevelopment partQuality partA
15Flow control constructs in JavaScript includes:If-ElseLoops and If -ElseSwitch and If-ElseAll of the given choicesC
16________ provides a simple, consistent way for applications to interact with the HW without having to know all the details of the HWExplorer.exeSystem FilesOperating SystemApplication SoftwareC
17Machine language is also calledAssembly LanguageBinary LanguageHigh Level LanguageHTML LanguageB
18________ is the best known builder for supercomputers.SunCray ResearchMicrosoftAppleB
19The weaknesses of the computer are:Pattern recognition & StorageSpeed & Innovative ideasPattern recognition & Innovative ideasSpeed & StorageC
20Communication protocol is a ________ that governs the flow of information over a networkSet of methodsSet of protocolsSet of rulesDeviceC
21_________ team is responsible for the maintenance, expansion , improvement of the infrastructure consisting of workstations, networking equipment, software and network security.SupportConfiguration ManagementQuality AssuranceDeveloperA
22_________ team consists on the sharpest technical minds in the company.ArchitectureBusiness DevelopmentConfiguration ManagementDeveloperA
23_________ is responsible for day to day operations.CEOCOOCMSODeveloperB
24One of the key responsibilities of the ________ is client relationship management.Project ManagerTeam LeadDeveloperQuality Assurance EngineerA
25What is the major problem with flash based website?Its two heavyCannot be indexedLess attractiveInaccessibleA